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RESOLUTION PLANS Nov 1, 2011 Nov 30, 2011 Final Rule Federal Reserve System, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 55
Resolution Plans Required Nov 1, 2011 Nov 30, 2011 Final rule. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation,Federal Reserve System 76 FR 67323 18


Best Practices to implement a winning Compliance Program

The process for an effective compliance implementation has 8 simple steps:


Review, research & understand the requirements


Analyze operations & determine your compliance


Identify & document gaps & remediation plans


Validate the changes (Initial & ongoing validations)


Review, research & understand the requirements


Train the staff (Rule requirements & operations)


Prepare evidentiary material to document your compliance


Demonstrate compliance to audit, regulators


Implement a winning Compliance program using Compliance Delivery Platform:

To implement a winning compliance project for RESOLUTION PLANS, the regulated firm can use the BCube's Compliance Delivery Platform (CDP) to streamline their process and improve their results.

With the CDP's C-INTAKE, any regulation published in the Federal Register is structured at the section level, linked to supporting information and delivered through a simple user interface.

With single view screens to navigate through the information needed to evaluate the rule's requirements, you can develop compliant solution and create a best practice Gap Analysis using the C-GAP Manager. It even streamlines the process to execute a 3 lines of defense validation framework with built-in communication interfaces, audit trail and section specific access and approval controls.


Project Surveys

A project survey is available for each CDP project, and can be purchased separately as a standalone without the C-Gap Manager. The survey can be customized to include your specific requirements and are based on the individual requirements in the regulation. Each survey is designed to help you quickly evaluate your compliance to a rule and provides a draft current state and suggested pillar level gaps. If purchased with the C-Gap Manager, once you are satisfied with the results of the survey, it can be automatically uploaded into the project's gap analysis. This will save you an estimated 2 to 3 hours per rule requirement and can easily return many times the cost of the subscription in time and effort.


So, the question is "Can you afford not to have the BCube Compliance Delivery Platform content solutions?"


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