Open standards API & integration with external apps: Our latest release decouples all the CDP apps from the rule framework. This facilitates seamless integration and information exchange with enterprise applications. The security framework has also been enhanced to provide superior access control and interoperability across the solution. In addition, the new release enhances the ability to develop and integrate new applications to support future needs with ease.

Resource allocation and management: The enhanced access control simplifies workflow configurations, separation of roles & responsibilities and assignment of resources. Users can be assigned with project and section level access  and permissions including read only, read/write and approve. With our powerful technology, all the applications can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Spreadsheet support & large scale data transfers: With the addition of open standards APIs, the CDP supports large scale data exchange to and from the CDP applications using spreadsheets. This will allow users to seamlessly import and export any amount of data across any rule and create a program wide central compliance data repository. This enhancement makes it simple to integrate the CDP with enterprise applications like SharePoint, Document Management and Workflow Solutions, Business Operations Systems, Office and other popular applications.

Configuration of apps: Applications like the Gap Analysis can be easily customized to incorporate your organization’s taxonomy as well as specific business processes. This provides the ability to align the system  with your specific needs. The CDP applications are configured to demonstrate best practice taxonomy but any application can be easily configured to incorporate your specific taxonomy.

Improved usability: The research and assessment process has been made easier by providing any user the ability to highlight rule content and supporting authority. Using the Notes app, users can capture their  analysis as they work through the rules to enable them to capture their thoughts. This and other enhancements serve to improve the solution’s usefulness, performance and the responsiveness of the UI across all types of devices.

Delivery of the entire agency rule content: In response to customer feedback, BCube has transitioned its content delivery. The enhanced platform provides complete agency centric content. This means that for one low price per agency, a customer can select one or more regulatory agencies content, and their subscription will include  all the rules published in the CFR by the selected agency(s). This will include agency published guidance, supporting authority, etc. This ensures that any customer has access to all the rule content they need to create and maintain a comprehensive compliance program.

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