Gap Analysis enhancements: In the latest release, we have made several enhancements to the Gap Analysis app to further improve your user experience.

  1. We have implemented granular filters in the Gap Analysis app to enhance analytical capabilities with 2 levels of filters. The first level, filters the data based on the "Rule project" and "Section".  The "Filter" button refreshes the page and displays the filtered data.
  2. The second level containing the Rules, Status, Pillars and Complexity filters which refresh the data without page refresh. When you choose a value from the dropdown, it automatically hides other values from the list. Pillars, Status, and Complexity filters improve information analysis.

Documents/Evidence management enhancements: The Documents/Evidence management app is enhanced to provide improve the flexibility with following features.

  1. Earlier, a document could be attached to one Rule project only. Based on your feedback, now a document can be attached to multiple projects. So, if you have a general Controls or Policy Document that transcends multiple Rule projects, then you can attach it to all the applicable Rule projects. The dropdown is replaced with checkboxes where user can choose multiple projects to attach a particular document.

Dashboard enhancements: In this release, we have redesigned the dashboard to make it more intuitive for users to access their rules or gap analysis or business requirements. Dashboard helps users focus on their responsibilities and each role will have the relevant statistics displayed.

  1. The Dashboard provides a peek into the "Latest Analysis Elements" displaying the latest 5 user updates. It intelligently displays the first 200 characters of the analysis element.
  2. Users have permission to submit a section for approval and other users (may be assigned permission to approve/reject it. Based on their permissions, there is a status box on the dashboard with title “List of My Submissions” and “List of Pending Approvals” depending on their role.
  3. The dashboard is redesigned to improve the usability and make it more intuitive for users to access their rules, gap analysis or any other CDP app or function. Dashboard helps users focus on their responsibilities and each role will have different kinds of statistics.

Interactive online help: Our core focus is to make the solution as easy as possible and continually improve the functionality as well as usability. In the latest update, users have the ability to provide a feedback to the online help content. User feedback will BCube support team to improve the online help content and improve usability of the system.


Visit the BCube website and click "Contact Sales" on the utility navigation bar or write to us. Utilize the new form to submit your required information and a BCube sales/support staff will contact you within the next 24 hours.

If you have any questions, do write to