Review Cycle: Review Cycle is an event and timeline indicator. Compliance or operational events across the firm can be associated with Review Cycle and helps to characterize/track them with time. An organization can create a separate instance of a compliance or audit effort for a specified date range. This is especially useful for conducting validations, audit reviews or special projects. It is critical to establishing firm-wide visibility and control.

  1. The Client Admin can manage (create/edit/delete) Review Cycle for the organization.
  2. Any user within the client organization can associate every gap analysis element and Business Requirements with one or more Review Cycles.
  3. Based on the activity status, archival status and time period, Review Cycle will be available for association with user generated content.
  4. The Firm-wide Gap Analysis can be filtered by Review Cycle.
  5. The Client Admin can archive the 'Review Cycle'. However, the information associated with Review Cycle are retained.

You can find more information about the CDP’s “Review Cycle” in the online help in a few days.

Dashboard updates: The latest enhancements to the CDP’s dashboard includes the display of additional data to provide the user with information to make more informed decisions about the status of a project or their entire program, respond to requests for action or access the various projects in their compliance program.

  1. The dashboard has a new tabular view that provides an intuitive overview of the gap analysis in each project being implemented in the firm.
  2. Charts display a visual classification of the gap analysis elements by sections.
  3. Notifications of the modifications to the most recent Gap Analysis & Business Requirement elements are consistent with the other types of notifications appearing on the dashboard.
  4. Notifications are classified into 2 tabs for Gap Analysis and Business Requirements. Notifications for Comments on Gap Analysis or Business Requirements are appearing in those two tabs respectively.
  5. A new graph has been added to better provide a more visual presentation of the specific statistics of the project’s analysis.

These enhancements provide the user with additional information to improve their ability to manage the project, get notified of tasks that require their attention and a more intuitive display of project statistics to help them make more make informed decisions.

Spreadsheet support & large scale data transfers: The CDP can serve as the hub of any organizations compliance efforts. It is now easier for the user to execute the feature that allows them to import data from any other system or export information from the CDP using spreadsheets. We have simplified the import/export template and have enhanced the online instruction library to give the users more detailed instructions in the proper use of this feature.

User management: This enhancement provides a simpler means of assigning and controlling user access and the assignment of user roles. The enhancements include:

  1. Simplified process to manage access control.
  2. The ability to more easily assign privileges so that users can access section level rule content.
  3. The ability to assign user access with specific responsibilities in each application so that a user can perform their business functions.

This enhancement provides the project administrators more flexibility and control to assign and or restrict a user’s ability to access and modify the data at a more granular level.

Documents app: Documents app has been enhanced to enable role based controls for the  management of a document’s lifecycle. The Document app enables the user to create a repository of documents and evidence that is available for inclusion in a project.

Highlighter: User can use the “Highlight” button to highlight rule text or remove highlights from rule text. The function is similar to highlight function in rich text editors like MS Word or Google Docs. The days of maintaining printed binder, highlighting the content with a marker and searching them every day are a thing of the past. Digital revolution is here.

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