Your struggles to find regulatory information are a thing of the past. With C-INTAKE, any regulation is segmented at the section & paragraph level and made available with linked supporting authority and rule updates history. Eliminate the time consuming task of uploading content into an Excel spreadsheet or an expensive GRC. As the rule evolves, your BCube project is automatically updated to provide the latest requirements. Simply focus on researching the regulation and its impact on your business. Your C-INTAKE project can be accessed from any authorized internet-enabled device, from anywhere.


  • Automatically Sourced Regulations: Projects include the current rule, commentary and supporting authority, historical archives of prior Final Rules and updates from the Federal Register.
  • Section Level Structuring: Delivers a consistent segmentation based on ECFR & Federal Register structure. Regulatory text segmented at actionable levels.
  • Automated Segmenting of Rules: Eliminates the time consuming task of uploading rule content into an Excel spreadsheet or an expensive GRC and improves functionality & coverage.
  • Split View Screen: Displays the regulatory text, supporting authority and gap analysis, all structured at the section/paragraph level.
  • One-click Navigation: A single view screen of all the sections in a rule, including titles, for choosing easy topic. Go directly to any project, regulation, section or paragraph in one-click.
  • Powerful Word Search: A single view screen of all rule sections that contain the search argument, provides context, with the search argument highlighted for easy user reference.
  • Simple and Economical: With our subscription model, you have no IT infrastructure, maintenance or software management costs. With your account, you have all the content you need to work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Streamline Research & Approach Development: Rule text & supporting content are viewed on a single split screen to eliminate searching through 100's or 1000's of pages of text. Understand, identify requirements and expedite development of a compliant approach.