BCube Analytics is a growing innovative SaaS company that provides end-to-end solutions to help clients and consultants meet their challenges in regulatory compliance. Companies in all sectors of the economy face increasing demands to comply with a large number of more complex rules and using the BCube solutions helps them to meet these needs.

BCube is focused on providing our customers with innovative approaches to solve this problem and to accomplish this goal we need people who are not afraid to think innovatively and can relate this innovative sprit to a highly structured industry. BCube is committed to providing its employees with a great place to work, grow and have a rewarding career both in terms of a satisfying work experience as well as one that is financially rewarding. If this is the type of challenge and rewards you are looking for, let's talk.

Duties to include the review and interpretation of regulations to develop rule based surveys to assess a client's operations in satisfaction of the requirements of the various sector regulations.

  • Individuals with 5-7 years' experience in either the financial or healthcare regulatory arena.
  • Required is a good understanding of the overall regulatory process.
  • Should have worked on creating gap analysis and remediation plans for regulatory compliance requirements in financial services or healthcare industry.


Duties will include preparation and review of rule based content to communicate requirements provided by our team of SME's, and to assist in "Regulatory Content" and "Survey" assembly, review, edit and execution.

  • Required is the ability to review and communicate details in an organized fashion and the ability to Identify, understand and review detailed rule based content.
  • Individuals with an eye for detail and the ability to visualize regulation based relationships to develop and review rule based survey's and projects.


Number of Vacancies: 2
Duration: 3 months

Ideal candidate shall participate in one or more of these activities.

  • Create and upload content and images for the organization's website.
  • Write and dispatch email marketing campaigns.
  • Provide accurate reports and analysis.
  • Research new online media opportunities that may benefit the business including mobile, social media, development of blogs and forums.
  • Design website banners and assist with web visuals.
  • Conduct keyword research and web statistics reporting.
  • Contribute to social media engagement and brand awareness campaigns.
  • Use web analytics software to monitor the performance of client websites and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Contribute to company and industry blogs and manage e-communications.
  • Develop and integrate content marketing strategies.
  • Keep up to date with current digital trends.
  • Manage the contact database and assist with lead generation activities.