Compliance Consulting


BCube Analytics provides a full range of consulting services for compliance ranging from implementation planning to audit.

The BCube Compliance Delivery Platform Adoption: We have experienced consultants to help your staff in boosting their productivity to ensure you get the most from the bCube Compliance Delivery Platform and get the best project implementation results.

Internal Programs & Vendor Evaluation: We have experienced consultants that can guide you through the completion of your internal program and vendor evaluations. Meet this new regulatory challenge with the regulation based survey’s and insight from our consultants to ensure that not only your internal programs but your vendors as well meet the requirements of the rules.

BCube Analytics has a comprehensive training university that can include customized or standard curriculum. If your firm has implemented a regulation using the BCube Compliance Delivery Platform your operational modifications can be seamlessly incorporated into the eLearning tool to streamline the development and delivery of your required regulatory training requirements.

Training can be provided in person or as an eLearning model. With any internet enabled device any topic can be developed and delivered to your staff. With the BCube training platform, your staff can be trained in the systems you implemented to reach compliance, quickly and with limited effort.

You can also use our innovative programs to expand your staff’s knowledge on critical topics such as cyber security and cloud computing. There are a number of programs that are available and custom training can be developed to meet your needs.

Recently, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) located in Fall River Massachusetts, USA, Batoi Systems Pvt Ltd, an Indian company headquartered in Bhubaneswar and BCube Analytics Inc., have established a new partnership to bring innovative educational, research and product prototyping capabilities to the institutes, universities and commercial enterprises in India. The main focus of these efforts will be in energy, healthcare, the environment and smart governance.

The document below outlines the BCube Compliance Delivery Platform training infrastructure.