MANAGED Solutions

BCube Analytics also provides managed IT solutions for small to medium businesses of all types. The solution, named Batoi ECom Service (BES), is built using cutting edge technologies. A business owner can focus on running their business without having to worry about the effort to create, install, manage and maintain their IT infrastructure.

We offer managed hosting in our data centers located in the United States which includes security monitoring and interventions, daily data backup and disaster recovery, performance monitoring, and a full suite of over 40 fully integrated business friendly applications. These applications can be configured to meet all your unique business needs. A business can start with a few essential apps and add new ones as the business grows or use existing solutions in conjunction with the BES. Since all the applications are fully integrated there are no integration costs.

With most IT solutions a business owner has two choices - Change their operations and workflows to adapt to the software they purchased or pay big $$$'s to customize it. With the BES, apps can be deployed and quickly configured to mirror your operations. This avoids disruption and let's you run your business the way you want. The BES empowers small and medium sized business owners with everything they need to stay ahead of the competition and not worry about their IT infrastructure. No hardware, or security headaches, difficulties in adding new apps, costly upgrades,... We manage it all.

Compare the BES, its cost and services with the competition, no one matches the value it delivers. There are a lot of competitors who offer low prices for isolated applications, but you have to do it yourself. And if you need additional functions to actually run your business, there are added costs that far exceed your budget. For example, if you use a payment gateway, they may charge an additional fee based on a % of your transactions, this cost mounts quickly. We have no fine print or hidden charges - just an initial configuration fee and a fixed monthly subscription based on the usage of the system.

This offering expands our customer base to include any business that needs a powerful, affordable IT solution. It is especially well suited for business owners that don't have the time, desire or expertise to design, install and manage an IT system, or the budget needed to implement a custom IT solution that provides this level of functionality and flexibility.



BCube Analytics provides software services in various areas. We enable implementation of sophisticated applications across a broad spectrum of business areas in an enterprise. The timeframe and cost will bring a big smile to your face with solutions that make positive impact to your firm.

Using the BCube Business IT Consulting Services, your firm can quickly implement effective applications to help you meet your business challenges.

Our consultants can work with your staff to understand your business requirements and develop a rational effective design. Once the design is finalized, our technical staff will quickly and professionally develop your solution, properly test it to ensure that it works correctly and meets your design goals.

Our development capabilities are anchored by a staff of seasoned professionals and our CIO has been recently named by a prestigious IT magazine as a top rising star in the world of systems development.