Audit Manager Release - January 18, 2021

Jan 18, 2021

To begin the New Year 2021, we have released a major upgrade to the BCube Analytics Audit Manager with Release 21. It fully automates the internal audit processes - from auditor information requests to the issuance of the final report. The software provides tracking and remediation of audit findings and delivers information to stakeholders with real-time assurance. Some important highlights include:

Audit Manager Release Banner
  1. A brand new responsive user interface provides additional functionality, insights, ease of navigation, and a great look!
  2. An intuitive role and permission-based dashboard for all users with charts, drill-down capabilities, and printable reports.
  3. End-to-end audit workflows, inclusive of the audit firms and their clients' processes, are simplified and streamlined to reduce the time and effort to manage auditor requests for information, remediation workflow for audit findings.
  4. Improved analytics and data management with simplified processes to import and export data (spreadsheets or PDF), slice and dice large volumes of data with greater flexibility, and functionality of document handling and report generation.
  5. Fully-integrated regulatory library with rules from over 60 federal and state agencies with rule change alerts.
  6. Updated online Help manual to make adoption of the new intuitive processes easy and simple.