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Compliance is critical for any business and clients need 3rd party products, technology, professional expertise and other services to meet these challenges. To add to the complexity there are a broad range of regulations including state and international rules. But with these challenges comes an opportunity to address a large market by delivering professional services using technologically advanced solutions.

Industry participants spend unnecessary time, effort and dollars to deliver their products and services by reinventing the wheel at each client engagement. There is a critical need for consistent processes, automated tools and the ability to create rule specific responses to deliver compliance products and services across the entire client base. With the introduction of the BCube CDP, consultants, product vendors and data centers can deliver their solutions more effectively and save their customers time, effort, cost and help their clients overcome their compliance challenges.

Consultants law firms & CPAs, who provide a variety of services to their clients, including rule assessments, implementation, validation and audit services, can benefit by partnering with BCube. Our CDP delivers a best practice methodology and end to end solution that allows consultants to deliver their services more effectively. Partnering with BCube, consultants and law firms can deliver their services using two models. The first is a simple licensing arrangement in which the service provider has a license to access a client’s CDP. The second model includes the CDP’s Consultant’s suite of apps that allows a consultant to develop a consistent, one time effort rule response, leveraging the expertise of their SMEs to deliver a standard response to their entire client base. The standard response is then modified for the specific client saving significant time and effort.

Data centers can partner with BCube to offer their customers an easy to use economical solution that will help them address the 3 major challenges of compliance: content management, rule management and implementation and demonstration of compliance.

Training providers can easily develop and deliver training programs to ensure a client’s staff is well trained for the operation of a new or modified rule. The CDP has all the rule content and implementation documentation that can be accessed from the LMS. So training development and delivery is a snap. As an added bonus, client can easily document and demonstrate to the supervisors that their staff has been properly trained.



Select the type of deployment - BCube compliance cloud or private data center;
select the agency(s) you need (rules for the entire agency included) and
select a pilot regulation.

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An agile and cloud-based compliance platform equipped with rule content for banking, finance, healthcare and insurance and tools to perform gap analysis, audit and monitoring effectively.

Our vision is to enable our clients reduce their compliance challenges, and meet heightened regulatory standards.


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