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As a compliance service provider, the increase in regulatory demand has created a great business opportunity. Clients are struggling to keep up with all the new regulations and they need more of your services to stay ahead. The increasing demand for your services also creates additional challenges that can strain your resources and increase your cost of service delivery.

The BCube CDP was developed to help you deliver better results; save time, effort and money; increase your capacity and improve client retention. It helps to improve your service delivery by increasing your staff's productivity, leveraging your SME's and its advanced technology increases your ability to service more clients. It also supports an outsourced service delivery model, so you can cut wasteful travel time and cost. If you are wondering "How" the CDP can do all this - the answer is rich regulatory content, advanced technology, a uniform process and one of our three BCube Consultant Partnership Models.




Partner with BCube using any of the following 3 models. No matter which model you select, it will increase your productivity, allow you to deliver superior results, improve your bottom line and increase client retention.

Partnership Business Model


Bulk Licensing (BLK)

Bulk Licensing is the simplest model for a consulting firm/consultant to gain access to the BCube Compliance Delivery Platform. As a BLK partner, we provide preferred pricing for your clients and a number of licenses that you allocate to your clients as needed. Simply purchase the number of licenses you need and as you implement projects assign them to your clients. Your staff always has access to use the CDP for service delivery.



Consultant Portal (CPT)

Includes all benefits of the Bulk Licensing model but with the CPT, you can develop a standardized custom solution for a regulation that incorporates the expertise of your SME's and empowers even your junior level staff with their expertise and insight.

Our pre-configured survey solutions can generate the bulk of the required work-product assessment for any regulatory engagement. And once developed, a rule survey can be deployed across your entire client base cutting 00's or 000's of hours to deliver a consistent yet comprehensive assessment. The time, effort and cost saved is limited only by the number of clients implementing the rule. The Consultant Portal offers you:



Branded Portal (BPT)

Includes all benefits of the Bulk Licensing and Consultant Portal. Plus, strengthens your position as the preferred provider of effective, value packed solution by white branding your services with your firm's logo. This not only allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of the BCube ecosystem but also helps you deliver your customized solution with your unique brand. Drive additional engagements, increase client retention and strengthen your brand recognition.





Table 1: Consultant Partnership Business Model COMPARISON

The CDP lowers the cost of implementing a compliance project for both you and your clients. It can be used either remotely or on-site.


Content: Our regulatory projects provide structured rule text segmented at the section and paragraph level; linked supporting authority; rule history and updates. This eliminates the need for your staff to source, segment and load regulatory text into Excel or some other tool. The segmentation process saves about 80 man hours per 100 pages of regulation. The time to research an approach will be significantly reduced especially if you have a large team and the project spans several months.

Rule Updates: If there are rule updates, the system will update the project, but the history and commentary from prior versions will remain visible which is invaluable.

Simple User Interface: With split-screen display, you can view the text in the eCFR and the updates in the Federal Register on one screen. The system has 4 levels of 1-click navigators and a powerful word search - so there isn't any time wasted in locating a section or paragraph.

Rule-based Surveys: The customizable rule-based surveys utilize a number of rule based questions that address the requirements in the rule, and based on the client's answers a draft "current state and "pillar" level gaps (governance, policies & procedures, systems, data, controls, testing, reporting, validation, training and documentation) are provided. You can incorporate your SME's expertise into this solution and empower your junior-most staff to be more productive. This analysis can be transferred to the Gap-Manager to produce a draft impact/gap analysis. The survey can be deployed across your entire client base, saving 00's if not 000's of hours.

Gap/Impact Analysis & Assessments: The CDP Gap-manager also lets you quickly enter or maintain, current states, gaps and remediation plans. Entries are automatically linked to the appropriate section so there are no mapping errors.

Evidence Management: Upload your compliance evidence documents (any office document, PDF, Multi-media Files, etc.) and attach it to your current state(s), gap(s) or implementation tasks. All your evidence is in available a single location and right at the section level to demonstrate compliance. When the document evolves, just update the document and the links will point to the latest version of the document. You have all the information at your finger-tips to demonstrate compliance.

Workflow & Security: In addition to the benefits of using a secure application, the section level Role Based Access Control (RBAC) provide you the required security at infrastructure level as well as application level. In addition, it also supports a 3 lines of defense validation and approval framework and even has a full audit trail. With all the information, and system support, the review, approval and validation processes are made easy, and so is the demonstration of a good faith compliance effort - all this on a secure cloud.

Evidence Management: We also offer a training module and associated consulting services to support your service delivery.

So if you are a Consultant, CPA or Law Firm, and provide compliance services you can partner with BCube Analytics to take advantage of our content rich ecosystem to enhance your service delivery, capacity, bottom line and client retention. And if you are a GRC provider you can partner with us and we can build a customized feed to import the structured and linked regulatory content into your tool.


Steps to Operationalize the Relationship between the Consultant and BCube Analytics


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As a GRC solution provider, your critical issue is to demonstrate how your clients can increase the ROI associated with your GRC. BCube can provide a simple customized process to upload regulatory content and proprietary information from the BCube CDP. This eliminates the time consuming and costly manual entry process, eliminates human error and helps the client leverage the effectiveness of your GRC. A win-win solution that will help your client increase their productivity, improve their satisfaction and help ensure retention of your product.

Don't delay contact us...! and see how the bCube Compliance Delivery Platform can help streamline and improve your compliance service delivery, your bottom line, client satisfaction and retention.


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