The C-GAP Manager simplifies Compliance management like never before. It extends the C-INTAKE and provides you the structured content as well as the tools that simplify your operations, reduce time, effort and cost of compliance. Research a regulation, manage your project; assess your current state, define gaps and remediation, perform validations, document and demonstrate your good-faith compliance effort all with superior evidence handling and comprehensive audit trails.



  • Delivers all the features of the C-Intake Manager.
  • Automatic sourcing, segmenting and structuring of any regulations at the section and paragraph level. Actionable and easy to use.
  • Eliminates the time consuming task of uploading content into an Excel spreadsheet or an expensive GRC, improves functionality, coverage and saves time and effort.
  • As the regulations evolve, the project is updated automatically to provide you with the latest requirements in the same project.
  • You can now focus completely on researching the regulation and its impact on your business.
  • Your C-INTAKE project can be accessed from anywhere from any authorized internet-enabled device.


  • Organization-Wide visibility & Control: A simple dashboard provides a summary & access to all projects assigned to a user and an informative summary of the project status & notifications.
  • Streamline Research & Approach Development: Rule text & supporting content are viewed on a single split screen to eliminate searching through 100's or 0100's of pages of text. Understand & identify requirements & expedite development of a compliant approach.
  • Comprehensive, Structured Gap Analysis: Current States, Gaps, Remediation Plans and the ability to link evidence. All at the section or paragraph level even pillars of compliance. Be it a regular project implementation gap or validation or audit - you can track your complete path to compliance.
  • Reduce the Time, Improve Project Review & Approval: Section level RBAC, supports a 3-line validation, with structured data, documented responses and evidence one-click away.
  • Internal Project Communications: Communicate project modifications, approvals or validations with ease. Users can enter comments in the Gap Manager and they will be displayed on the teams’ dashboards; one-click & the team member is taken directly to the comment.
  • Comprehensive, Customizable Reporting: Comprehensive reports and superior data structure, so that any report to meet your need for information can be quickly created.
  • Audit Trail: Entries in the Gap Manager are captured & accessible at the level of entry. Management, audit or regulators can view the detailed steps taken to reach compliance.
  • Superior Evidence Management: Documents can be linked to multiple segment(s) in the Gap Analysis. Eliminate long evidence searches and versioning nightmares.
  • Demonstrate your Good Faith Compliance Efforts: The section/paragraph based structure delivers consistent organization and everything needed to demonstrate your compliance effort. Rule text, supporting authority, gaps, remediation plans, validation and a detailed audit trail to demonstrate your efforts, even evidence can be attached.