Compliance Assessment

The BCube CDP offers customizable rule-based surveys to streamline the preparation of an impact analysis for a rule change and/or evaluate your compliance. We also offer Risk Assessment solutions based on NIST Special Publication 800-30 Guide for Conducting Risk Assessments.

It is a simple process. Based on the current state of your operations, answer the rule-based questions. Once you answer all the questions, your responses will generate a draft current state and pillar-gaps, all at the section level for each requirement in the rule.

When a rule is changed or a new rule is published, you can generate an impact analysis or draft gap analysis. The draft gap analysis can be transferred to the C-Gap Manager and remediation can developed at the pillar level. Since this solution is automatically mapped to the paragraphs, referential integrity is always maintained.

This will save 00's if not 000's of hours of time in creating your compliance project's impact analysis or gap analysis. And with the ease of maintenance using the Gap Manager you will save even more time over the life of the project.


  1. Consistent coverage of the regulatory requirements for impact analysis of a new rule OR gap analysis/validation of a currently enforced rule.
  2. Cover all the sections and requirements in the rule or rule change.
  3. Customizable to reflect your unique operations or to incorporate the expertise of SME's or consultants.
  4. Streamlines the operational assessment of a firm's compliance.
  5. Impact Analysis or Gap Analysis can be covered at Business Unit level to ensure consistency.

Using the CDP, we can create custom applications or integrate your existing business solutions to provide end-to-end compliance coverage. All within a timeframe and cost that will leave a smile on your face and help improve your compliance efforts. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.