Intern or part-time: Business Analyst

Remote Working
3-4 Months
20 Hours Per Week, Flexible Schedule
BCube Analytics is seeking a law student to work either as an intern or as a part-time employee. The position is expected to require 20 hours per week with a flexible schedule. The Company provides a technology-based solution that addresses regulatory compliance. The candidate will be responsible for evaluating regulations, the related supporting authority, and establishing their relationships using our automated solution. The position will provide the opportunity to explore the growing field of compliance. Currently, the company is concentrating on the financial services sector for federal and state regulations and expanding into international regulations, HIPAA, and eventually all 50 Titles of the ECFR. We are located at the UMass Dartmouth Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Fall River. With the company’s anticipated growth, the individual would have the opportunity to transition into a full-time position.
The ideal candidate shall participate in one or more of the following duties:
Review and analyze various regulations, including the regulations published in the eCFR (Electronic Code of Federal Regulations), Federal Register, State Regulations, International regulations, and related supporting authority from various sources.
Perform other related duties as required. Review and analyze various types of regulations, including the eCFR, Federal Register, State Regulations, International regulations, and supporting authority from multiple sources.
Training will be provided.
Required Skills:
Ability to access the internet and utilize automated processes.
Ability to read and evaluate regulations and supporting authority and make informed determinations as to the applicability of the commentary and supporting authority to the various sections of a regulation.
Training will be provided.
Enrolled in a BS, MBA, or JD program.
Legal or compliance background preferred.