RegStacker enables organizations to securely manage the delivery of audit, compliance, and regulatory services.

Audit and consulting firms can collaborate with auditees digitally across any process with end-to-end workflows.
Consistent and uniform process across regulatory change management, compliance, audit, and supervisory reviews.
Real-time reporting on risk, compliance, and audits for the executive management.

Advantage RegStacker

GRC Process with Contemporary Applications GRC Process with RegStacker
Maintenance-heavy, costly range of technologies including the use of home-grown Spreadsheet and/or EMail The complete solution includes Cloud/Browser-based (heterogeneous) UX with powerful, secure relational database backend
Automation / AI
Manual client-specific processes using disparate tools SaaS platform focused on uniform delivery of real-time audit, compliance, and regulatory services
General-purpose tools such as Email with attachments are used to provide LoB (Line of Business) communications and data handling Automatically managed, secure collaboration (be it Inter-Department or Inter-Agency) includes both process and content
Process Management
Manual and /or separate End-to-end, real-time workflow management with built-in alerts, notifications, and collaborative features
Delivery of Regulatory Content
Manual or (very expensive) integrated 3rd-party system access to Regulatory Library - standard content only Integrated and automatically maintained RegLibrary with support for both standard and custom content to track and manage all risks and compliance
Proprietary / non-scalable Infinitely scalable and uniformly-applied solution
Maintenance Enhancements
Costly maintenance and /or enhancements beyond core expertise Controlled, secure automated maintenance and enhancement releases are all included