CDP delivers structured rule content & automated updates, easy navigation, best practice project management and implementation, a 3 line validation framework, superior evidence management and a centralized compliance repository. All the content, tools and processes needed to address the end to end challenges of compliance and reduce your regulatory risk.


A complete solution for the entire compliance lifecycle, all supported by a suite of integrated applications to address each critical phase of the process: Rule content management, assessment, implementation and demonstration of compliance.

The solution provides a complete library of ALL the rules in the eCFR for the agency(s) you select. Any federal agency available in the public domain; State & International rules upon request. Structured content, segmented at the section level with linked supporting authority and automated rule updates. Rule History and Federal Registers are available upon request. Covers all verticals across the 50 Titles in the eCFR.

A suite of apps help to manage the entire lifecycle of compliance and facilitate you to gain:

  • Firm-wide visibility and control over your entire compliance program provides executive management and board with the information needed to make informed decisions.
  • End-to-end traceability from the rule content to analysis, remediation, related business requirements, linked documentary evidence, a full audit trail, team and supervisory communications, validation reviews and approvals.
  • Uniform compliance processes eliminate confusion and silos, gets teams up and running and gain more consistent results.
  • Robust change managementand full traceability to seamlessly track any change for all segments of the project, including related business develop & systems projects.
  • Centralized compliance repository with rule content, supporting authority & history and the related analysis & implementation, remediations, team communications, approvals & reviews.
  • Superior evidence management linked to the individual rule section for easy reference, eliminate versioning problems, controlled and traceable.
Intuitive dashboard is customizable to focus the view of your compliance universe. Provides all the data and organizational information needed to make informed decisions.
Single screen display provides segmented section level rule content; supporting authority; rule interpretations; current states, gaps, (at the pillar level); remediations; evidence; team communications and more.
Keyword search displays all the sections that contain your search argument on a single screen. Click the desired section and the systems displays the section and highlights your search argument and reference tabs direct users to supporting rule sections.
1-Click Navigators simplify your access to the information you seek. Project navigator provides access to any rule project. Part-Section navigator provides a single screen view of a rule project’s rule history, supporting authority and lists every section and its title. The Paragraph Navigator take you directly to any section or subsection in a rule. All in 1-click, eliminate the time wasted searching thru 00’ or 000’s of pages of complex text.
The Navigators provide a powerful, easy to use, consistent experience across all projects.
Application and data security is of paramount importance. To satisfy these critical requirements the CDP employs the highest security standards in the industry:
  • Application and Data security:
    • Security for data in transit - SSLs provide secure, encrypted communications between your browser and servers.
    • Security for data in storage - Encryption with HIPAA compliant applications, access privilege controls and protocols.
    • Section level access control - Assign and manage access at a section-level. Every CDP app provides tiered permissioning to give you the control to restrict access to sensitive information.
    • ISO 27001 guidelines to manage and control data.
    • OWASP guidelines for application security and handling external ingests.
  • PCI Compliant Servers: Strongest industry standard access control mechanisms to protect any confidential data.
  • Daily malware scanning & Continual monitoring of programs and data against external threats.
  • Multiple Secured Server Backup: Explicit Secured Data Backup to ensure data availability and fail safe disaster recovery.
  • ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 compliant implementation: Highest standards of global information security management and software development provides the highest levels of Industry security.
  • Class 4 Data Center deployment ensures all cloud components are fully fault-tolerant and security zones are compartmentalized.
Your data is always secure with the CDP but for added security we can deploy any customized security measures to meet your additional requirements.
Single repository of compliance eliminates the effort to compile data. Rule content, assessments, work product, audit trails, team communications, reviews, feedback, evidence all at the section level to make demonstration of compliance a snap.
3-Lines of defense validation framework satisfy heightened agency expectations with a robust, documented, 3 line validation effort.
Integrate agency feedback at the section level to seamless track requirements and remediations.
Leverage the power of cutting edge technology to gain unmatched performance and value.
No hardware, software or maintenance to worry about. Gain unlimited, on demand computing resources and scalability.
Secure class 4 data center infrastructure provides the best protection available for your data.
Managed service increases your access to a broad range of solutions at a price that won’t break the budget.
Using REST APIs to integrate your enterprise applications makes the creation of a compliance hub simple by seamlessly integrating with your existing systems and create new integrated apps to meet your upcoming needs.
Large scale data transfersfacilitated by simple processes to import and export data between other applications within your enterprise using spreadsheets or open-standard APIs. Increase productivity and make the adoption of CDP fast and easy.