With a bCube Compliance Delivery Platform subscription, you can select any Federal Register regulation in a structured, segmented project. No IT infrastructure requirements, accessible from any authorized internet-enabled device… Rich Structured Content… Simple, easy-to-use, effective… Saves significant time and effort … So can you afford not to have it?


The bCube Compliance Delivery Platform provides a big-picture view of all the compliance projects in your organization. This helps you create a simple and unified process across all the regulatory requirements, have a consistent implementation strategy and stay compliant. For example, let us say the BSA-AML project. With the bCube Compliance Delivery Platform, the CRO can easily see what is being done to develop a compliant CIP program for AML by the credit card unit or the insurance business line or the banking unit. If there are any redundancies or counterproductive methods to be addressed, they can easily navigate the Section 220's across the parts 1010, 1020, 1028 and 1025. Such an option was previously not possible because the regulations were not available in such a format for consumption.
You do not require any IT infrastructure, large CAPEX or any other investments. A simple subscription and you and your team can access this service from any authorized internet-enabled device.
You can now formulate your compliance strategy with all the required information in a single-view at your level of work. With the required linked rules, commentary, guidance and other information available, you can focus on the larger picture of your work product and determine business level strategies with the new insights using this required information.
The new regulations are lengthy, complex and implementation timeframes are being reduced. Sourcing and organizing the content that your staff must understand to satisfy the requirements is a major challenge. Using methods like GRC's and Excel takes about 80 man hours just to structure 100 pages of rules. The American Bankers Association estimated that the average bank implemented about 2,200 pages of regulations in 2013 and there is no end in sight. The bCube Compliance Delivery Platform automatically segments, links to related commentary and delivers any regulation published in the Federal Register or ECFR to your internet-enabled device. The information is segmented at the section and paragraph level and includes links to the supporting guidance, related commentary, footnotes and any other agency bulletins for the specific section. We even bring the regulatory updates to you at no extra cost. Since we do this for every regulation, you can now just focus on getting to your analysis as we organize the content for you.
Use your centralized dashboard to get an overall view of your compliance universe. Get change/update notifications; summary information at Project, Part and Section level; Iiformation about the recent approvals to your tasks on hand or pointers to tasks awaiting your approval all which provide you one-click access to your most important tasks awaiting you. If you are the CRO/CCO, you get the complete overview of your organization's compliance mandates.
A keyword search tool, which is the easiest and most powerful tool to find the regulatory section you need, so you can quickly evaluate a requirement. Enter a keyword and the RegSearcher, searches all the regulatory documents associated with your project and constructs a "Search Navigator". The navigator displays all the sections, in the regulation(s) associated with your project that contain your keyword. Click on a section link and you will be taken to that particular paragraph's regulatory text and tabs to display all the supporting section level information. Returning to the navigator lets you select and review the next section(s) that contains your keyword.
Four navigators allow seamless one-click access to any content. The Product Navigator on the top menu allows you to access your list of projects. The Part-Section navigator in a project allows you to access any Section of any Part within the project. The Paragraph Navigator gives you access to any Paragraph within any Section. This experience is consistent across any project. To access an update to the regulation, click on the Part-Section Navigator and you will see document updates as blue buttons. The current document will always be in purple color.

Streamline the entry, management, tracking and reporting of your project gap analysis. Capture the four critical elements described below:

  • Interpretation of the Rule - your interpretation of the section requirements
  • Current State - how your current operations satisfy the section requirements
  • Gap - identify deficiencies or shortfalls in satisfying the requirements of the Section, assign Pillars, attach evidence
  • Remediation Plan – define the actions to close your gaps and reach compliance.

Supervisors want the banks to demonstrate a comprehensive compliance approach. We call the elements of this approach as "Pillars". Pillars include Governance, Policies & Procedures, Data, Manual Systems, Automated Systems, Controls, Testing, Reporting, Validation, Training and Documentation. This approach to project analysis should help you address all the elements of compliance and at the paragraph level.

With audit trail, you now have a complete history of your actions for any element of the gap analysis. This powerful feature automatically stores the detailed trail of your compliance implementation efforts. This gives you the ability to provide project personnel and management, the what, the when, the how and who implemented your current solution. There is no more guessing about the project development process. This feature is all you need to view your actions to ensure your operations meet the regulatory requirements and to demonstrate to internal audit and your supervisors, your good faith efforts.

The supervisory agency requires you to not only demonstrate compliance, but also the process of implementation including approval workflow and controls within your organization. This has been a challenge that most organizations have been grappling to achieve especially since the life-cycle of these projects are extremely long when compared to other projects and there are limited tools that span or impact the entire life-cycle of compliance. The bCube Compliance Delivery Platform changes this forever. Now, the entire approval workflow, including the 3 lines of defense can be implemented and demonstrated using the same bCube Compliance Delivery Platform subscription. Once the client user completes the task at Section Level, the section can be submitted for approval. The Client Admin can assign an approver for the section who can either approve/reject the task. Once approved, the system will record all the information.

A user-friendly solution always means that its customer are naturally able to use it. With so many updates and multiple users simultaneously working, notifications are central to getting to know the events happening in Compliance. The bCube Compliance Delivery Platform ensures that all users get the notifications of changes - regulatory as well as user actions. The dashboard is being evolved to help you get a consistent notification and access to all such events. Click on the notification and you will be taken to the source.

Multiple levels of network security and monitoring systems including the standard security safeguards like SSL access; Malware Scan and Monitoring; Multiple Secured Server Backup and Explicit Secured Data Backup are in place. If you have any questions or need to inquire about access through VPN, Data Encryption or other security measures, contact our support department.

Create different roles to support the 3-lines of defense validation framework; Assign users at the section level; Control access at section level and manage your project effectively.

Improve the communications between your Business Lines, 2nd line validation teams and 3rd line internal/external audit teams. The content and tools help you create and work effectively on the respective project implementation plans; Reduce your cost with improved processes, enhance your supervisory review and minimize your Reputational Risk. You can also create a separate account for your supervisors to review your compliance efforts without requiring any additional information compilation efforts.

We provide structured PDF reports that you can quickly generate. Reports are available at a Part, Section or Paragraph level within a Project or across Projects. Custom reports can be created upon request.

When using the bCube Compliance Delivery Platform to implement your projects impacted by the Dodd-Frank Act, you can generate a report to determine your compliance to the DFA. It is also possible to determine the impact of any legislation implemented as a rule including the Dodd-Frank Act, SOX, Patriot Act, etc.