CDP's easy-to-use interface saves time and, result effective solution… Intuitive tools… Saves significant time and effort… Produces superior results and can reduce regulatory risk.


Multiple integrated applications to cover the entire compliance lifecycle.
Gap Manager. Create a structured gap analysis that supports the gaps & remediation for the pillars of compliance (and organisational silos.
Business Requirements Manager. Manage business requirements across an end-to-end lifecycle of implementation and compliance. Link requirement to any rule section, gap or compliance pillar to generate end-to-end traceability.
Documents Manager. Upload documents and attach them to one or more rule sections, gap analyses or requirements. CDP automatically updates links when newer versions are updated.

Easily access content with 1-click navigators:
Project navigator is a central hub that gives a view of all projects and rulesets.
The Part-Section navigator provides quick and easy access any rule section, rule updates of project-relevant information.
Paragraph Navigator take you directly to any section or sub section in a rule.

The Navigators provide a powerful, easy to use, consistent experience across all projects.

Application and data security is of paramount importance to BCube. CDP employs the highest security standards prevalent in the industry:

  • PCI Compliant Servers: Strong access control mechanisms protects confidential and non-private data
  • Daily malware scanning & Continual monitoring of programs and data against external threats.
  • Data encryption: Protects data during storage and transition.
  • SSL Certificate: Provides secure, encrypted communications between browser and servers
  • Multiple Secured Server Backup: Explicit Secured Data Backup to ensure data availability and disaster recovery.
  • ISO 27001 compliant: Highest standards of global information security management.
  • Class 4 Data Centers ensures all cloud components are fully fault-tolerant and security zones are compartmentalized.


Your data is secure with the CDP. We can also deploy customized security measures to meet any additional requirements.

Capability to assign and manage access at a section-level. This allows tiered permissioning, so that sensitive information is restricted to authorized users.
Intuitive workflow improves communications between your businesses, second-line validation teams and the third-line internal/external audit teams. This proactively addresses heightened regulatory expectations.
Communication between users and teams is fast & easy. Users can enter comments which appear on the teams' dashboards. 1-click and the user is taken directly to the section.
The CDP facilitates import and export of data between other applications within your enterprise. Data transfers can be made using Excel or open-standard APIs. This increases productivity and accelerates user-adoption of CDP.
An customizable dashboard provides an overall view of your compliance universe. And a central hub for coordination of compliance activities across projects. A summary of projects, users, gap analyses and requirements helps management quickly assess projects. Users are notified of team communications and relevant rule updates. Notifications efficiently routes towards their relevant activities.
CDP keyword-search feature displays results of all sections that contain a search phrase. CDP highlights the search phrase for easy reference and provides tabs to direct users to supporting rule sections.