Solutions for Chief Risk Officers

The RegStacker leverages AI to securely manage the uniform delivery of real-time audit, compliance, and regulatory services collaboratively across one or more organizations. It is available as a SaaS or Data Center Edition.

Fully automate the management of your regulatory change management and implementations, risk management and assessments, compliance management, audits (internal and external), and supervisory reviews with end-to-end workflows, including your vendors.
A unified process for any 1st, 2nd, or 3rd line of defense process with a single dashboard.
Transition audit and compliance from a project-based approach with point-in-time reporting to a real-time process and information delivery to all stakeholders.
Eliminate all manual processes and associated costs, increase productivity and quality of risk management with data available in a click.
Flexible API to integrate with your existing systems.
Ability to seek and receive professional services from experts within the technology solution, transforming your focus on business as against the burden of managing technology and business.
Role-based permissions enable the assignment of responsibilities easily to any team member.
Real-time validation of remediation for findings from assessments, compliance, audit, and supervisory reviews by the originators (including vendors).
Delivery of real-time reports to the board’s audit committee eliminates the 00s of hours of manual data collection efforts every month.
Eliminate the costs of owning and using multiple GRC tools and manual processes with a single uniform process.
Engage with vendors easily in any preferred model across any project - In-source, Out-source, or Co-source resources.
A unified collaboration for the offices of the Chief Risk Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Audit Executive, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer, and the Leads of various business units managing business lines.
With BCube’s technology, integrated professional services from your vendors, most GRC capabilities can be rendered obsolete, and value can be derived from the huge savings.
Eliminate 000’s hours every year in manual data management for all the customer information provided via email or other document sharing tools. Save an equal effort for your customer as well. Improves productivity and time to focus on functional work as against manual data management.
Automate the delivery of real-time reports for your executive management, including the board’s audit committee eliminating 00s of hours of manual processes each month.

Manage and perform Audits (Internal, External, Supervisory) in collaboration with auditors.

Manage and perform Compliance (Second Line) Reviews in collaboration with consultants.

Manage and perform Risk Management and Assessments (Risk Appetite, Risk and Control Assessments) using your industry-specific risk dictionary.

Manage and perform other assessments and reviews like SOC 2, ISO, HIPAA, Security Reviews, NIST 800, etc.

Streamline and manage the onboarding of weekly regulatory changes across all regulatory obligations.

Delivery of automated reports to the audit committee of the board of directors.

Seek services from vendors in any project by in-sourcing, co-sourcing, or outsourcing.