From the dashboard, view & access all user assigned projects, project status & notifications. It provides a centralized oversight and control.
Delivers centralized, consistent coverage and approach, streamlines the operational assessment of a client's compliance. Surveys are rule based, comprehensive and can be customized to incorporate your SME's expertise…. Fast, Easy and Consistent.
Projects include the current rule, commentary and supporting documentation. Historical archives for superseded Final Rule and rule revision from Federal Register are included. Eliminates the time consuming task of uploading rule content into an Excel spreadsheet or an expensive GRC and improves functionality & coverage.
Displays the regulatory text, supporting authority and gap analysis, all structured at the section/paragraph level.
Delivers a consistent approach, based on the ECFR and Federal Register structure & Agency review process. Provides easy location & access to specific topics.
A single view screen of all the sections in a rule, including titles, for easy choosing of topics. Go directly to any project, regulation, section or paragraph in one-click.
A single view screen of all rule sections containing the search argument, provides context and search arguments highlighted for easy reference.

Rule text & supporting content are viewed on a split screen to eliminate searching through 100's or 1000's of pages of text to understand & identify requirements & to expedite development of a compliant approach.

Current states, Gaps (at the pillar level; Governance, Policies & Procedures, Systems, Data, Control, Testing, Reporting, Training, Validation and Documentation), Remediation plans, even the ability to link evidence.

Entries in the Gap Manager are captured & accessible at the level of entry. Management, audit or regulators can view the detailed steps taken to reach compliance.

Add a document to a project and it can be linked to any (multiple) segment(s) in the Gap Analysis. No more searching for evidence to demonstrate compliance, no more versioning nightmares.

Communication of project modifications, approvals or validations are fast & easy. Users can enter comments for team members; the comments appear on the teams' dashboards; one-click & the team member is taken directly to the comment.

The bCube Compliance Delivery Platform provides section level RBAC, supports a 3 line of defense validation & approval framework.

The bCube Compliance Delivery Platform provides comprehensive reports. With our superior data structure & report, your need for information can be quickly created.

The section/paragraph based structure delivers consistent organization & everything needed to demonstrate your compliance effort. Rule text, supporting authority, gaps, remediation plans, validation & a detailed audit trail to demonstrate your efforts, even evidence can be attached.

The bCube Compliance Delivery Platform was developed using next generation designs & technology. Our product provides all the flexibility, speed and security that your client's demand. Secure, fast, accessible using any authorized internet- enabled device, 24/7 anywhere, anytime.

Our ecosystem was designed to deliver a consistent user experience. Easy to use, effective workflows are at the core of the design, data architecture and user interface of the solution.

SaaS means no IT infrastructure, maintenance or cost. No lengthy software development or versioning issues. A simple subscription and you are ready to start working. All this, & savings of more than twice the cost.

Security of your data is paramount! To ensure the highest level of security for both storage & transaction execution, we have adopted the most secure industry standards available. These include:

  • PCI Compliant Server - To protect the user's NPPI data (if any) and provide strong access control mechanisms
  • Malwares Scan and Monitoring - Daily malware scanning,continual monitoring of both programs and data to detect & protect against external threats.
  • SSL - To protect data during transaction over the Internet.
  • Multiple, Secured Server Backup & Explicit Secured Data Backup.
  • Data encryption for both storage & transit using a powerful encryption algorithm with a random key seeded by the developer. We also adopt both reversible and irreversible encryption based on the nature of the data, & provide deployment customizations like CDN Storage, VPN, etc. to meet your specific security & infrastructure needs.

Improve the ROI & reduce the cost of maintaining expensive GRC's. BCube Analytics can deliver custom routines to upload data from our C-Gap Manager into a CRG to help maximize the ROI of these expensive tools.

The rule-based survey infrastructure, improved project visibility and resulting analytics will provide industry level insights into the challenges and opportunities of a rule's implementation. This insight will help you identify opportunities and improvements to provide superior service to your clients.

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