Firm-wide visibility and control is provided with a uniform view across the entire compliance program. The CDP's framework is designed to reflect a supervisor's perspective and serves to facilitate a focused demonstration of compliance.
Our rule-centric view provides a clear perspective for management and implementation teams and minimizes the redundancies typically associated with large complex programs. This reduces overall compliance cost by uniformly addressing requirements over the entire lifecycle of implementation across multiple programs.
The CDP's pillars of compliance help ensure organizations address rule requirements, supporting regulatory principles and systems to provide best-practice compliance.
The CDP offers several cloud-based configurations. Some hosted by BCube or others deployed within your enterprise network. The BCube Community Cloud (BCC) is suitable for firms that demand a secure, professionally managed, scalable and economical open-standard solution. A managed or private cloud solution is available for large institutions with sophisticated risk-profiles and requires integration with their internal systems and/or additional customization. No matter which configuration you chose, the CDP offers the highest level of security, performance and unlimited scalability that can accommodate any number of regulations, jurisdictions and users.
Using open standard API's, the CDP can seamlessly connect with other systems in any client ecosystem. This not only improves organizational efficiency by increasing utilization of shared resources, but also allows the peer teams to access the CDP's rich data set to satisfy their unique needs.
Teams can link gaps, remediation, documentation and business requirements to multiple rules sections. This provides end to end traceability for the entire lifecycle of implementation. End-to-end traceability enables programs to scale up their implementation without losing sight of end goals and productivity.
The CDP is an effective hub to coordinate and manage efforts involved in meeting heightened compliance expectations. A powerful UI allows management, validation groups and project teams to communicate, collect evidence, delegate activities and allocate resources.

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