The CDP’s integrated applications provide a powerful solution to address the challenges in each of the 4 phases of the rule implementation lifecycle.
CDP enables a simple and uniform process based on agency guidance and industry best practices. Our gap analysis framework follows Federal guidance and supports pillar level gaps. This enhances team productivity, yields superior results reduces risk.
CDP provides a consistent firm wide overview across compliance projects. For example, With the CDP, the template in Section 220 of the BSA-AML rule can be analyzed and tailored for the individual business lines. This reduces redundancies, saves time and produces superior results. Such perspectives are difficult to gain without a top level rule view and a comprehensive set of tools to take advantage of this type of insight.
All CDP applications rely on content segmented at the section level, to give users focus and proper perspective of rule content. This orientation is the basis for any proper statutory analysis and reflects the Agency's approach when conducting reviews.


  • Structured Rule-Content. Well-organized, section-level text and supporting authority makes understanding the requirements a snap.
  • Single-screen Display & Navigation. Enables seamless transition between sections and efficient access to the gap analysis. Creates an easily navigated repository of data, implementation efforts, oversight & related communications which saves time, effort and yields better results.
  • Scalable architecture. Allows quick integration of federal, state & international rules. Outstanding performance that grows as your program and needs grow.
  • Automated rule updates. Save significant time and effort & eliminates human error.
  • Gap analysis. Fast, easy & efficient and based on Agency best practice.
  • Business requirements. Links the management and execution of project requirements to complete remediations to the section and provides end to end traceability.
  • Bookmarking. Highlights content to make reference to important points a snap.
  • Notes. Linked to the section & paragraph to capture your understanding and insight.


Of your entire compliance program minimizes delays and redundancies and facilitates prioritization and resource allocation. Section level RBAC controls access and allows assignment of responsibilities. Simple, customizable dashboard provides management with insight into the entire compliance program and supports team communications.
Rules, gaps & requirements are linked to the section and work product can be easily tracked across the entire program lifecycle.
Efficient workflows simplify the communication, management review and validation processes. Communication of questions, recommendations and responses are fast and easy. Secure 24/7 access facilities tight schedules and reduces travel.
Impact to projects from rule & requirement changes are minimized and with the section level audit trails, complete traceability is just a click away.
All project data and evidence is centralized in an easy to access repository. Time and effort to compile and organize project data is eliminated. Demonstration of compliance or ongoing validation is more productive and helps to ensures program success, a firm’s regulatory preparedness & minimizes risk.
Ensures proper issue identification, facilitates management’s ability to provide direction and proper resolutions, and supports response and remediation of Audit and Supervisor review commentaries.
At the section level is efficient and centralized. Saves time, effort, travel, maximizes resource allocation and productivity, makes prioritization more effective and ensures superior results.
Makes tackling a complex rules easier. The section level approach conveys an understanding of statutory organization and proper analysis and mirrors the agency’s review approach. This simplifies the review process which can help improve results and reduce regulatory risk.
The single, easy to navigate, data repository and useful toolbox streamlines the validation and audit review processes and facilitates ongoing validations. The 24/7 access eases tight schedules and let’s senior level personnel better manage their valuable time.
Can be easily incorporated into the project, remediated and documented combined with the audit trail this improves oversight, eliminates disputed results and streamlines the entire process.
Import and export your data using Excel. Transfer large data sets between the CDP and your other IT systems. Business requirements are linked to the rule section and gap analysis elements delivering end to end traceability.
Even small institutions can get the benefits of a best in class, open technology compliance solution at an amazingly affordable price (typically less than $250 per month for 1 regulation and 5 users). The BCube Community Cloud provides segmented rule text and supporting authority, automated rule updates, navigation and productivity tools to manage your end-to-end compliance implementation, all in a secure and scalable infrastructure.
The cost per rule goes down as more regulations are subscribed. Annual subscription for 1 regulation, 5 users is $2,500. The annual subscription for any additional regulation is $2,100 per year and for additional users - $450. Refer pricing for the most recent pricing information.

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