YES!, the BCube Compliance Delivery Platform (CDP) is an enterprise solution. It can be used by any regulated firm irrespective of its size. Firms of different sizes and number of users may want to deploy the CDP in a different type of cloud. Small firms in a Community cloud and larger firms in a Managed or Private cloud.

YES! Any regulated firm, irrespective of size, can use the BCube CDP to increase productivity save time, money and to better manage and demonstrate their compliance to regulations. Smaller firms can deploy the CDP in an economical community cloud and gain all the performance, security and operation efficiencies of the CDP.

YES!. When a rule is published by the agency, in the Federal Register under the Administrative Procedures Act, it will be automatically available in 10 business days or less. The CDP automatically updates the eCFR text on the date a final rule becomes effective.

YES! The CDP segments a rule at the section level. This level of granularity is both actionable and how Agencies normally review a rule. The CDP provides several types of 1 click "navigators' to help users access any section of a rule. The solution also provides a number of apps and tools to evaluate requirements, create gaps and remediations link evidence, assign resources and input/export data to other systems.

YES! The rule is segmented at the section level and all commentary and guidance is linked from various sources and presented on a single screen display. In addition, the CDP provides several navigators' to help users access any section of a rule in a single click.

This how a Federal Register document looks like.



The same document in the CDP, including all the supporting authority is shown below.

A CDP RULE PROJECT is a collection of all the rules published by all the federal agencies for a given rule. This includes the current eCFR, and all previous Federal Register publications. In addition, guidance and supervisory pronouncements and other supporting authority are added as they become available.

For example, the Electronic Funds Transfer rule has been published by the CFPB (12 CFR 1005) and the Federal Reserve (12 CFR 229). The CDP Rule Project for Electronic Funds Transfer will include these publications and the current eCFR text (Electronic Code of Federal Regulations). Also included are any NPR's and Final Rule(s) (rule history), Supporting Authority, Guidance and any other information published by the agencies. A CDP rule project provides all the information you need to research a rule, develop a response, and conduct validation, independent and ongoing validations reviews.

YES!. The CDP addresses the entire lifecycle of a rule. When a rule is published in the Federal Register (proposed rule i.e. NPR, final rule or guidance) and is related to a rule project, it will be automatically included.

State and International regulations are not included by default, but can be added upon requested.

The BCube Community Cloud is a secure shared cloud-based service which can be accessed from any internet-enabled device. A BCC delivers all the security, performance and disaster recovery hosted in a class IV data center. The BCC is an economical way for a firm to gain access to the CDP and improve their compliance.

It is very easy to get a BCube Account for your firm. Use the following steps to contact the BCube sales team.

  • Click "Contact Sales".
  • This will redirect you to the registration page where you may enter all the mandatory fields. After submitting the form, you will receive an email with acknowledgement.
  • A BCube sales representative will contact you within the next 24 to 48 hours and help you in setting up your account.
Note: If a rule project of your choice is not currently available, it will be made available in 10 business days.

The CDP is available as a subscription on the BCube Community Cloud (BCC), BCube Manage Cloud or Private Cloud. A basic BCC subscription includes a regulation of your choice and 5 user licenses.

A basic BCC subscription includes 1 regulation. You can subscribe to as many additional regulations as you need. If a project is not already, created it will be made available within 10 business days.

The basic BCC subscription includes 5 user licenses which includes one administrator license. The system has unlimited scalability so any number of users can be added.

Application and data security is of paramount importance. Your data is secure with the CDP, which is hosted in class IV data center. This means the security for your apps and data are professionally managed with unlimited scalability and performance, automated backups, disaster recovery and unmatched value. We can also add custom security measures to meet any security requirements you have or deploy the solution within your own enterprise network. The CDP's infrastructure provides:

  • PCI Compliant Servers with strong access control mechanisms protects both confidential and non-private data.
  • Daily malware scanning & continual monitoring of programs and data against external threats.
  • Data encryption to protect data during storage and transition using a powerful encryption algorithm with a random key seeded by the developer. We adopt both reversible and irreversible encryption based on the nature of the data.
  • SSL Certificate. Provides secure, encrypted communications between browser and server.
  • Multiple Secured Server Backup. Automated, secured data backups to ensure data and disaster recovery.
  • ISO 27001 compliant setup. The international standard for global information security management.
  • Class IV data centers. Ensures all cloud components are fully fault-tolerant and security zones are compartmentalized. We also offer CDN Storage, VPN, and other security integrations to meet your specific security & infrastructure requirements.


BCube subscriptions and renewals are Annual. Once the subscription is renewed, it cannot be cancelled until the renewal date.

A basic BCC subscription is subject to change based on market conditions and your specific needs. A basic BCC subscription, requires a onetime initial configuration cost, an annual resource allocation fee and a per regulation annual fee. Excluding the initial configuration cost, the first year subscription, for 1 rule and 5 users in a BCC will be about $4K.

To get a more precise estimate for your specific subscription, use our handy pricing calculator.

YES! The initial account configuration and resource allocation fee is due when you receive your account logins, the project fee(s) can be paid in monthly installments. Contact your BCube representative for details and payment options.

NO! The BCube CDP uses a SaaS model so there is no hidden cost. The total cost consists of the Annual Account Management Fee and Individual Project Subscription Fee(s) (per project). The CDP delivers the information to any authorized device on your network, so there is no additional hardware needed and all software, upgrades, content and updates are included.

The cost of adding a state rule to a project will vary depending on several factors. First is the state or number of states to be added, second is the specific regulation(s) requested. Contact your BCube representative to discuss your specific needs.

The cost of adding an International rule to a project will also vary depending on several factors like the number of countries to be added and the specific regulation(s) requested. Contact your BCube representative to discuss your specific needs.

YES! We value our Customers and want to do whatever we can to provide them with the best service and lowest cost. Refer to the pricing calculator for additional details.

There are a number of apps available in the CDP. Your subscription includes all the apps. In addition, any newly developed app will be added to your subscription without any additional cost. Just another way BCube provides unmatched value for it valued customers.

YES! Your subscription is automatically upgraded with the latest version of the of the CDP. You do not need to take any action and all upgrades are fully compliant with earlier releases so there is no need to modify data.

YES! Requests for new features and or applications are always appreciated. Contact your BCube representative and we will be glad to discuss your needs. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs. At BCube the needs of our customers is always a priority.

The BCube CDP can be deployed in a BCube Managed Cloud or your Private Cloud.

YES!. Customizations can always be added in a Managed deployment but we recommend these be limited to additional security and related customizations. BCube makes every attempt to provide best practice solutions to its entire customer base. Individual application modifications can be both costly and limit the seamless and automatic upgrades.

YES! The Managed Cloud Deployment adds a number of open source APIs that enables you to easily integrate and transfer data to or from your existing systems and the CDP.

In a Managed Cloud you can integrate your systems with transfers of data using Excel or for larger data transfers open source API's.

YES! Customizations can always be added in a Managed deployment but we recommend these be limited to additional security and related customizations. BCube makes every attempt to provide best practice solutions to its entire customer base. Individual application modifications can be both costly and limit the seamless and automatic upgrades.

YES! In a private deployment our solution is deployed in your infrastructure. This type of deployment provides the greatest level of control over all aspects of the system. Contact your BCube representative for details.

YES!, The CDP is a single ecosystem for regulated firms, consultants, service providers, agencies and academia. It provides the structured rule content and the tools they needs to perform their business function.

A consulting company can partner with BCube to jointly market the CDP to the clients. Consultants' are provided free CDP licenses to deliver assessment services to clients.