Security of your data is paramount! To ensure the highest level of security for both storage & transaction execution, we have adopted the most secure industry standards available. These include:

  • PCI Compliant Server - To protect the user’s NPPI data (if any) and provide strong access control mechanisms.
  • Malwares Scan and Monitoring - Daily malware scanning, Continual monitoring of both programs and data to detect & protect against external threats.
  • SSL - To protect data during transaction over the Internet.
  • Multiple, Secured Server Backup & Explicit Secured Data Backup.


Data encryption for both storage & transit using a powerful encryption algorithm with a random key seeded by the developer. We also adopt both reversible and irreversible encryption based on the nature of the data, & provide deployment customizations like CDN Storage, VPN, etc. to meet your specific security & infrastructure needs.

If the client elects to provide access to an independent 3rd party reviewer:

  • An independent 3rd party can log in remotely and perform a full review from their office.
  • Provide commentary, findings and suggested actions and direct notifications to a specific user.
  • View documentation, testing, and evidence.
  • Each Current State, Gap, Remediation, Review, Approval, Comment & Response is tracked and with 1-click they can view the time, date, user and action taken.
  • It provides all the tracking an independent 3rd party needs to understand the evolution of the compliance process.


A GRC can serve as a corporate wide technology system to manage internal requirements & operations. However, GRC's frequently do not provide the needed content and require major investments of both time & resources to upload information provided by Thomson Reuters, Lexis Nexis, Bloomberg or Wolters Kluwer.

Loading unstructured regulatory content into a GRC is a daunting task, is prone to error and takes significant time, effort & cost. As a result, few companies are able to track their entire subset of implementation requirements. There are thousands of pages of content that must be reviewed to ensure your operational systems satisfy all these requirements.

With the next generation technology of the "bCube Compliance Delivery Platform", you can import the structured regulations and Gap Analysis into your GRC or other tools. Thus, the bCube Compliance Delivery Platform can be used as a source of content that can be uploaded into a GRC or to simply provide a quick, comprehensive way to understand the requirements of a regulation and create a comprehensive record of the compliance process, approvals and reviews.

Bottom line - the bCube Compliance Delivery Platform increases the functionality of your GRC making it more productive which helps to bolster your ROI. It is secure, easy and so cost effective it will more than pay for itself in time and effort saved and provides a rock solid tool to document and demonstrate a good faith compliance effort… and that we think is priceless.

Sourcing: Every bCube Compliance Delivery Platform project includes the current rule, commentary and supporting authority/documentation. Historical archives for superseded Final Rule and rule updates from Federal Register are included. This eliminates the time consuming task of uploading rule content into an Excel spreadsheet or expensive GRC and improves functionality & coverage.

Practically, it takes about 2 weeks to manually segment a 100-page rule document. This does not typically provide with supporting authority. A conservative estimate of $80/hour for this effort will save $5600. Given than an average bank implements about 2200 pages per year (as per American Bankers Association for the year 2013), this would mean a savings of over $123K/year. Since this effort is separately performed by validation and other reviewing teams as well, the savings only add up.

Searching and Finding Information: Today, most of the users use either Web Search or turn the pages in their regulations binder to find the information they want. With rule, commentary, guidance all present in different documents, this is a tough task. With a powerful word search, the bCube Compliance Delivery Platform can easily help find the information you want in a matter of clicks. At a conservative estimate of saving 30 minutes a day per user (billed at approximately $80/hour) in search and research, for a 20 user subscription, the total weekly savings is $4000 or annually more than $200K.

Sourcing: Every CDP project is automatically sourced, structured and links commentary, supporting authority/documentation and historical archives for superseded Final Rule and NPR updates. This eliminates the time consuming task of uploading rule content into hard to use Excel spreadsheets or expensive GRCs and improves functionality & coverage. Typically, it takes about 80 hours to manually segment a 100-page rule. Structuring supporting authority may require additional time. If your total labor cost is $60/hour that saves $4,800. The ABA estimated that in 2013 an average bank implemented about 2,200 pages of rules, that's a savings of over $105K/year. Since this effort is often duplicated when re-validating a rule, the savings only add up.

Searching and Developing an approach: Most users rely on a Web Search or printed copies of the regulation to find the information they need. To make things even more difficult, the rule and related commentary are normally published separately from the guidance and other authority. With 1 click navigators, slip screen displays and a powerful word search, you can quickly find the information you need. This will save at least 30 minutes a day per user. If you have just 20 users at an average cost of $80, per hour, the total weekly savings is $4,000 or more than $200K annually.

BCube subscriptions and renewals are based on an Annual contract.

The account management fee is due when you receive your account logins, the project fee(s) can be paid in monthly installments. Contact your BCube representative for details and payment options.

The BCube CDP uses a SaaS model so there is no hidden cost. The total cost consists of the Annual Account Management Fee and Individual Project Subscription Fee(s) (per project). The CDP delivers the information to any authorized device on your network, so there is no additional hardware needed and all software, upgrades, content and updates are included.

You can cancel your subscription anytime. Your Annual Account Management Fee is non-refundable however, your monthly project fee(s) can be cancelled with 30 days written notice.

Reports: A suite of comprehensive reports are provided with the CDP. Custom reports can be created at a surprisingly low price. The BCube CDP utilizes a sophisticated data structure and next generation cloud technology. This means custom reports can be created faster and at a much lower cost than traditional applications. Speak to your BCube representative to discuss your specific needs.