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What is Information Technology (IT) Audit?
Any business that wishes to succeed in this day and age, regardless of capacity, must leverage i..
How to Effectively Manage Your Tasks during an Audit
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Role of Auditing in Corporate Governance
With the goal to enable effective, entrepreneurial, and responsible management that will ensure ..
Remote Audit: Advantages, Disadvantages and Working
The world we were aware of has been transformed exceptionally, multiple nations have considered ..
RegTech's Top Challenges in 2022
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Top Benefits of RegTech for Compliance
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Regulatory Workflow Management for Success
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The Importance of Communication for the Success of a GRC Project
Any project, irrespective of its size, has three types of stakeholders: those working at it, tho..
Two Steps Back - Understanding Regulatory Landscape
Regulations do not exist in a vacuum. They impact the corporate data landscape, the processes ar..
New Meta Configurations for a Flexible Audit and Compliance Workflow
There is a major overhaul to the meta configuration management of Audit, Compliance, Supervisory..
Compliance and Supervisory Available in Workflow
We have added compliance and supervisory (review) into the workflow with our latest software rel..
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Needed at BCube Analytics
BCube Analytics Inc simplifies audit and compliance processes with end-to-end, multiple organizati..
Audit Manager Release - March 16, 2021
We have released some crucial features for BCube Analytics Audit Manager with Release 22. In this re..
Audit Manager Release - January 18, 2021
To begin the New Year 2021, we have released a major upgrade to the BCube Analytics Audit Manager wi..
COVID-19 Agency Publications Digest (August 23, 2020)
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, government agencies, both Federal and State, have taken aggres..