Now you can quickly organize your evidence of compliance at the Regulatory Section & Sub-Section level, the way the regulatory agencies conduct reviews in just 3 simple steps.
•    Step 1: Add/Upload your evidence or documentation to any BCube Project . 
•    Step 2: Create your interpretations of the regulation at the section level and determine your current state for the interpretation
•    Step 3: Link the evidence or document to the Current State or Gap or Remediation Plan that you have documented at the section level.

You can link a document to any number of sections within the project. As your project evolves and you update your document, all the links to the document are updated automatically and point to the latest version of the document. So, once you have created your interpretations and determined your current state, your evidence management is a very simple task.

With the CDP, you can create determine your current state for the rule interpretations classified by compliance pillars for Governance, Policies & Procedures, Systems, Data, Controls, Testing, Reporting and Validation. Associating pillars to your compliance evidence further demonstrates that you have addressed all the critical areas to properly implement a regulation.

The CDP provides firm wide visibility, secure infrastructure, section level Role Based Access Control (RBAC), intra-project communications tools, review & approval workflow and a comprehensive Gap Analysis tool. With BCube’s multiple 1-click navigators, finding a regulatory section is fast and easy. Since the CDP subscription is a SaaS model, you do not incur the IT infrastructure or customization costs. It’s fast, secure and provides 24/7 access from any authorized internet enabled device. All you need is a subscription.

Reduce your Regulatory and Reputational Risk, save time, effort and at least twice the cost! The BCube C-Gap Manager… today’s complex regulatory environment you can’t afford not having it. Also refer to our recent series of articles on how to Transform your Compliance Program with the CDP as these articles will provide you some insights on the significant benefits that you could derive with the same C-Gap Manager...

  1. Keeping Track of Regulations
  2. Developing a Viable Process to Implement Regulations
  3. Developing a Compliant Approach for a Regulation
  4. Managing your Implementation and Compliance