Compliance operations can be classified into three major phases – tracking and managing the rule content, assessment & implementation management and demonstration of compliance. The current solutions in the market approach compliance on a rule by rule basis. This fragmented approach makes it difficult to get a firm wide view or develop a consistent compliance strategy. Compliance data is scattered and teams work in silos causing redundancies, overlaps and escalation in cost.

The BCube CDP was developed to be your enterprise hub of compliance. It is a new paradigm to implement rules across any jurisdiction, regulatory agency, industry type and demonstrate compliance. It delivers regulatory content, provides the controls to manage implementation and with its centralized repository of data, it makes the demonstration of compliance a snap. Its cloud based, provides 1-click navigation, history and updates - all segmented at the section level. It has single-screen display for all content, work product and documentation related to the section; workflows, end to end traceability and is easily integrated with any enterprise system using ReST API’s.

It delivers a firm wide view of your compliance to help you make more informed decisions about priorities and resource allocation. With the high cost of compliance, the increased scrutiny, sky rocketing fines and the incalculable cost of reputational risk, we think the only question is…  can a firm afford not to have the BCube CDP?

  • Rule content repository. Full integration of rules and updates in the eCFR, Federal Register and Agency websites. The CDP delivers any federal, state and international rule, automatically tracks rule modifications and provides content updates.
  • Agency centric content delivery - Subscription includes all the rules published by the selected agency(s) in the CFR, related agency published guidance, supporting authority, etc. This ensures access to all the rule content you need to create and maintain a comprehensive compliance program.
  • Full compliance lifecycle coverage - Manage rules, assess shortfalls, create gaps, implement solutions and demonstrate compliance. Enables you to trace all elements of the entire compliance lifecycle back to the rule.
  • Demonstrate compliance easily - Single source of compliance data to demonstrate your good faith compliance effort across any rule.
  • Role-based access & workflow - Regulated access and tiered permissioning to shared or restrict apps and or content at the project or section level.
  • Open APIs - Allows seamless integration with enterprise systems and software like Sharepoint or Excel.


Perform gap analysis across key compliance measures and all applicable rules. Remediate gaps across organizational silos.



Create and manage business requirements to address the resolution of gaps. Requirements can be easily traced to the rule and gap analysis.



Provides superior evidence management. Upload and attach documents by rule sections, gaps or business requirements. CDP updates links when updated evidence is attached



Powerful open standards APIs to create new scalable integrated applications to address your future needs or to integrate with your existing systems. Contact us to learn more.